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Hello and welcome to Miss. Price's K-5 art class! This site is designed for the purpose of informing students, parents, teachers, and anyone else who is interested in learning a bit more about art and art education (grades K-5). Included are important art terms and the color wheel, lesson plans, works by well known artists, videos, some of my own work, important links, and how to contact me if you have any further questions/or suggestions!

Why is Art Important to Teach in Schools?

Art has been around for thousands of years and is something that exists all around us. It is very rare  to walk into a restaurant, hotel, office, or any other building, without seeing a piece of art being displayed. Art is created by individuals who put much time and effort in projecting their own feelings, emotions, ideas, and perceptions into a heap of creations. Art is important to teach in schools because it allows students to take a break from a strictly academic curriculum. It gives students the chance to explore their creative side and turn this exploration into a wonderful work of art in which they can call their own. Also, it is essential that students not only use their left side of the brain (which is what is mainly used in math, science, history, and any other core classes because it is the logical, practical, and reasonable side) but also exercise their right side, which is the creative, colorful, imaginative side. It is good to incorporate art in education simply for the fact that, art IS all around us.

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